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Medical Doctor,
Zen Master,
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Stress is a consequence of stressors. Stressors are infinite in number. And stress varies from patient to patient. Stress can be self-image, work, commuting, chronic disease, spouse, lover, or a kid. The number of stressors is absolutely infinite. We cannot control stressors, it’s impossible because they are around us like the air we are breathing. We cannot avoid them.So, where does meditation work when the stressors cannot be controlled? The definition of stress is perception of something that we do not control or that we know we cannot understand or that we cannot accept. So, control, understanding, and acceptance. When the mind realizes that a stressor cannot be controlled there is always some form of stress affecting the body and affecting the mind. The clinical manifestations of stress are like a textbook of medicine, it can be headache, allergies, chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. It can be anything related to the self but also stress can affect the interaction between somebody and the environment, with work or family. Stress is right now probably about 60% to 70% of consultations in the doctor’s office and costs billions of dollars every year in terms of loss of productivity. Because stress is a mind body reaction caused by stressors the only way to deal with that is with the mind. And, that’s where meditation works. That’s where mindfulness or Zen meditation works very well. If you learn how to relax the mind and how to control the mind sooner or later you are going to be able to control your emotions. You are going to be able to control the perception of the stressors to the point where the stressors will not be perceived as negative things but as a fact. How long does it take to achieve this stage? I would say several months. Meditation is in fact a long process with a lot of patience, perseverance and discipline.To connect with Dr. Painvin visit his Oakville Meditation website: http://www.mindfulnesszenmeditation.ca/about-us/