Oakville Zen Meditation

#64.Zen little cloud.23JUL2015



JG ZEN Cloud 1

A happy little cloud




Even alone, and lost in the immensity of the blue sky this little cloud has realized that in fact he is far more than an insignificant and transient tiny cloud.

When he meditates on “What am I?” he realizes that at different time and place he is zillion of other things such as rain, mist, fog, dew, ice, vapor, hail, river, lake, pond, ocean, sea, wave, lagoon, pool, spring, brook, loch, brume, frost, haze, film, moisture, drizzle, flood, shower, glacier, iceberg, sleet, creek, puddle, tide, sprinkle, humidity, drop, spit and many more.

Furthermore this little cloud knows that as a transient form of water he is also the source of life to all living beings on our planet.

Because of our powerful but deceptive ego we, as humans, have this profound illusion of being a permanent, independent, unique and that we have a separate self-entity.

The conflict between the hope of permanency vs. the reality of being transient is probably a main cause of our continuing worries.

Maybe we can learn from this short dialogue between this little white cloud and an observer.

The observer:

“Why are you so happy and serene little cloud? You are ephemeral and can disappear any time from the sky! Beside you are so lonely.”

The little cloud:

“What your mind perceives as ephemeral is pure illusion and misconception.

Yes I am transient but I know that I am just a brief materialization of something larger and permanent called, in my world, water and myself, being water, can and will take zillion of its forms endlessly. Therefore my little self is a cloud but my True Self has no beginning and no end. I am just the fugitive materialization of an endless ongoing universal entity called water.

Each living being like you is also a brief materialization of an endless universal entity that is beyond our comprehension. Some calls it God others Global Consciousness or Energy. As human invention words are very limited and cannot describe this wonderful entity.

The biggest difference between you and me is that I am fully aware of my universal endless entity called water but unless you have “faith” you - as humans- don’t know yours because your analytic and discriminative mind always demands understanding and scientific proof.”



Ven. Ji Gong Sunim. July 23rd, 2015