Oakville Zen Meditation

Dharma Talks

#6.Dialogues between a student and a teacher. revised 2feb15.

2000 years of recorded Zen dialogues between Zen students and their teachers are often bizarre, cranky, weird, paradoxical and very often without any sense. They are in fact somewhat similar to Koans in their content and purpose that is "the awakening". Zen literature is full of them. Here are some of them. They will be […]

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#5.What is a Zen mind? 13dec14.

ALSO GO TO  THIS POST :  The 7 pillars of a Zen Mind march 10th 2015 What is a Zen mind ? Quick sum-up: Having a Zen Mind is being mindful moment to moment to what is REAL and being indifferent to what is not. What is REAL is what we see,  hear, touch, smell […]

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#4.On words, thoughts & Zen. Dharma talk 22feb14.

We think and communicate through words. Words carry our thoughts, concepts, ideas and opinions. However, the basic building blocks to proper communication are our concepts, ideas and opinions. We have here a perfect catch 22 dilemma: words are the basic tools of communication but also they are the impediments to efficient communication. Words facilitate our […]

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#3.Zen vs. ego-Self “I- my- myself- and mine”. Dharma talk sep14.

Zen is the Japanese word for meditation. One of the most important goal of Zen is to teach us how to overcome and get rid off our detrimental and deceptive ego-self or ” I, my and myself “ also called "little self" in Zen. Why Zen talks about detrimental & deceptive self? Our ego-self which […]

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#2. The six pillars of daily Zen practice

I am receiving many questions such as “What does Zen practice mean”? This is a very good, practical down to earth question different from the usual “What is Zen”? which is somewhat more cerebral. Here are the 6 pillars that define our daily Zen practice. To apply all of them every day is difficult. Hope […]

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#1.Zen dialogue between Zap our little dog and myself

Dialogue between a little dog named Zap and myself or Zen Buddhism in a nutshell. Zap is our adorable 8 years old sixteen pounds male Shih Tzu dog. Zap is a very smart and very happy little dog wagging his tail almost all the time even during the night (probably having nice dog dreams). One […]

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